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Meet Independents Creative Facilitator John Brady

invitation to meet Independents Creative Facilitator John Brady
at Static, 23 Roscoe Lane Liverpool
on Monday June 26th 18.00.

John will outline his approach for 2006 and how it could contribute to future developments. There will also be an opportunity for artists/ project promoters intending to be Independents to call for participants, announce progress, etc., Those wishing to do so should forward a brief summary with full contact details to pronto. Do not send images or attachments at this stage.
For those of you unfamiliar with John’s previous work in the North West please see the biographical note below.

John Brady has extensive experience of conceiving, and subsequently promoting, high profile, multi- venue programmes through his work as Festival Director of Visionfest, Year of the Artist coordinator for the North West and coordinator for the International Symposium of Electronic Arts Conference. He has facilitated artist projects in primary schools, dockyards, promenades and shopping parades. Used frameworks as multifarious as walking tours, parties, public votes and media ranging from text messaging to performance art. John has programmed and managed exhibitions (in institutional and non-institutional spaces), conferences and exterior installations. He is familiar with the responsibilities, and opportunities, that come with innovative practice and the need for all artworks to attract and sustain audiences.