Mary Fitzpatrick Exhibition – Novi Sad, Serbia

mary-fitzpatrick-1.jpgReview by Biljana Mickov

‘Mary Fitzpatrick – Fotografije’ has opened at The Center for Visual Culture – The Golden Eye Gallery, Novi Sad, Serbia.

The exhibition will run from the 12th to the 31st August 2006.
Zlatno Oko, Center Za Vizuelnu Kulturu, Novi Sad, Serbia

Mary Fitzpatrick is a Contemporary Fine Artist working with painting, photography and video. She is currently based in Liverpool, UK and has recently been working on a long term project in the Middle East called Failaka.

The Artist has worked on the Failaka project in Kuwait over a long period of time since 1998. The works on display in the Golden Eye Gallery were completed over a three-year period. They were produced on Failaka Island, the island in the Arabic sea which was abandoned after the Gulf War in 1991 – The ruins are still there. Mary’s work are focused on the therein scene, on the ruined schools, destroyed bank, discarded military equipment, clothing, and children’s paintings left in one of the schools. Fitzpatrick is completely concentrated on those images but the presence of war is giving rise for many emotions. Not just as human anger but more different emotions that we can see on the pictures.

On the global stage big changes are happening – energetic crises are present, misapprehensions and political conflicts occur, which has been actual since the beginning of nineties.


The artist with her artistic activity is not in a position to change society, making effect on societys conditions or advancements, but she can express “human or not