Monday, December 4, 2023
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Lunar @ 68 Hope St.

Another very good show of 2nd yr art students’ work at JMU this week, finishes on Thursday (Mar 23rd).
The artists: Rebecca Doherty-Bone (2 abstract canvases); Ellen Gardner (Mixed media waves and contour shapes, ‘New Wave’ is particularly good I thought); Julie Keane (Interesting sculptures, ‘Empty Inside’ and ‘I Trusted You With My Life’ on the subject of child abuse); Michael Isted (H2S04 – the droplets are plastic hung from iron chains – 2 significant contributors to the creation of acid rain (H2S04)); Helen Taylor (‘For Him?’ 3 paintings of women in sexy poses. A statement (but not a negative criticism) about the portrayal of women in the media etc.); Jessica Quirk (A performance piece, ‘When I Grow Up I want To Be A Waitress’, highlighting the monotony and repetitiveness of the job); Arlene Weever (‘Bed/Chair/Grass’ a flat-bed trolley and chair seemingly sculpted out of grass ‘subverting the norm’)
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