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Local Artist Involved in Echo Fashion Show

keithwood1.jpgA Birkenhead-born artist has brightened up the Liverpool Echo’s annual Fashion Show this week. Keith Wood was only too happy to help when organisers approached him looking for something visual to fill wall space at the event.

Visitors to the Lifestyles Tennis Centre in Wavertree were treated to a display from Keith’s Faces exhibition. Keith says of his work, ‘It’s all about people doing people business, light-heartedly and with charm.’

The pictures are produced with an element of symmetry and drawn with lines and swirls that have crossing points as though designed on a drawing board by a draughtsperson. Each composition is lightly sketched this way then pastel, ink and gouache are applied.

The art can be seen in full at Keith’s website,
easydriver-keith-wood.jpg milkstruckloveshake-kw.jpg