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Liverpool48 Film Challenge – The Winners

Entrant12_m.jpgI spent most of Saturday evening watching videos in the internet (no, not what you’re thinking) as I was happy to be one of the judges for the Liverpool48 film challenge which was taking place as part of Liverpool Downtown week

It was good fun and great to see so many enthusiastic film-makers in the city.
Here’s the results…

On Sunday 18th June, the film challenge was officially concluded with an awards ceremony at the 3345 Lounge Bar in Parr Street.

The ceremony was very well attended by our entrants and was a great opportunity for everyone to get together, compare notes about their experiences in completing the challenge and also to forge new links with their fellow film makers.

At the end of the voting period, the entrants films had been viewed over 5,000 times from our website and over 2,000 votes had been cast by members of the public.

Congratulations must go to all of those who took part in the challenge and, of course, to the eventual winners of the awards.

Although the 48 hour film making challenge is now complete for 2006, we will shortly be issuing a news update about an exciting new challenge for film makers.

Best Film
Winner : Day Of The Jackanape

Nominated : Weekend Warriors, Clerical Error

Best Script
Winner : Weekend Warriors

Nominated : Benchmark, Clerical Error

Best Director
Winner : Clerical Error

Nominated : Weekend Warriors, Run For Your Life

Individual Award
Winner : Run For Your Life (awarded for cinematography)