1. I am Jonathan Kearney one of the artists in the show ‘Walk On’. Yes unfortunately finding your way around Shanghai and finding this exhibition is not easy and I live in China and speak some Chinese!

    If anyone want to find this show here are the directions:
    take the Metro Line 2 (green Line) to ShiMen Road stop. Exit the underground station from exit 3. You should be on NanJing Road. Turn left and walk along the road for about 400 metres. On you right hand side will be 2 large shopping centres opposite each other at a junction. The furthest shopping centre is the CITIC centre. There are huge banners outside saying ‘WALK ON’. Go in and go down to the lower ground floor level and you will see the Salon Vogue and the ‘Walk On’ exhibition.

    I live about 3 hours flight from Shanghai (China is a big country!) but I will be returning to the exhibition in November to host the Shanghai end of a live link between Liverpool and Shanghai. As e-space lab we started this process a year ago and this next live link is planned for Nov 3 or 4, with the Liverpool end probably being hosted at Radio Merseyside’s new centre. We will confirm the details as soon as we have them.

  2. i went to the Walk On exhibition in shanghai a couple of weeks ago. easy to find, and the exhibition curator couldn’t have been more helpful. apparently, i was the first visitor actually from Liverpool to attend. Strangely, the curator didnt know where the phrase “Walk On” came from. I sang You’ll Never Walk Alone for her. Also, she asked who “Jo Lenno” was. She meant John Lennon – but she’d never heard of him either. Still, she was gorgeous.


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