Last Chance To See – Gormleys ‘Another Place’

antony gormley - another placeAntony Gormley’s ‘Another Place‘ man-sized iron statues on Crosby Beach are moving on to another place soon.

Sefton council’s planning committee has voted not to keep them on health & safety grounds.
The statues were installed in June 2005 and are due to be packed up and shipped to the United States. The 100 life-sized sculptures on the beach at Crosby have attracted thousands of visitors but water sports fans and anglers wanted the statues removed from the beach saying that they cause a danger.

The current planning consent expires at the end of November but because of tide levels and daylight hours the statues would have to be removed before then.

I have mixed feelings about this. I really like them but I like the natural coastline too. The fact that lots more people are going to Crosby beach and being awestruck by the power of nature and the views etc. irritates me a bit. If a temporary work of art helps draw peoples attention to something then fine but to make it permanent smacks of theme parks and artificial beauty spots. The fact that they were temporary, that the local and visiting wildlife and community would only be disturbed for 18 months or so was an important part of the work for me.

On the other hand they’ve been keeping the anglers, surfers and other water ‘sports’ enthusiasts away so perhaps they should stay for that reason alone


  1. Removing Antony Gormley’s sculptures from Crosby Beach will confirm to most people south of Birmingham Merseyside really has no idea of the meaning of the word culture and unless they get their act together they are going to be the laughing stock of Europe.
    So sorry.

  2. Unfortunately as a Sefton MBC employee I have to comment anonymously, but I think this is a shameful decision. Sefton has this one major artwork with an international profile. The world wants it; New York wants it; the bloody Wirral wants it! So Sefton, with the opportunity to retain the sculptures (in accordance with the wishes of the artist), decides to scrap it. Is this Sefton’s contribution to Capital of Culture?

    If Sefton council had run Paris in the 19th century, they’d almost certainly have voted to have the Eiffel Tower taken down on ‘safety grounds’ and on the basis that it is attracting too many people (that was supposed to be a temporary structure too..)! Can you imagine the people of the North East allowing The Angel of the North to be taken down? Come on, Merseysiders – its time to stand up to the Daily Mail readers, Tories and Philistines that want to scrap this iconic artwork!

  3. People need to lift their eyes upto the horizon instead of always keeping them fixed on the ground. Another Place is an imaginative piece of public art situated in an ideal setting.
    Who in their right mind wants to be associated with the small minded and unimaginative, and thus be lumped with people who said, “We dont want it, let it go to New York” – all barely twelve months before the Liverpool Capital of Culture.


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