Kitchen Gallery – Norton Priory

kitchen-gallery-1.jpg kitchen-gallery-2.jpg

We spent a nice Sunday afternoon at Norton Priory, near Runcorn, Cheshire. The visitors centre and facilities have improved a lot since I was last there a few years ago.
There’s a beautiful walled garden with purple pigs in the orchard and at the far end of the garden, extremely well hidden is the Kitchen Gallery.

Now I realise why its called the kitchen gallery, it really is a kitchen and a small one at that but with just a few items from each of several artists on display there’s plenty to see. The gallery is run by the artists Sarah Nicholson and Stanislaw Jan Krakiewicz who sometimes exhibit their own paintings here but have recently had a series of very good exhibitions by other painters.

The current show displays the work of 15 craft-makers and there are some really interesting and collectible items.

Visitors will also have the opportunity to experience “Meet the Maker