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Karaoke Lunchtime at FACT

I spent lunch time at karaoke.
The Christian Jankowski exhibition ‘Everything Fell Together’ at FACT includes a piece entitled ‘The Day We Met’, a complete Japanese karaoke suite in which the artist appears amongst the slightly banal narratives which play underneath the music and words.
Once I’d understood out how the machine worked I was soon singing Green Day’s ‘Basket Case’ in my best mockney accent. I’m not really an exhibitionist, at least I don’t like to think I am, and yet I just kept thumbing the pages of the selection book and picking out songs from ‘Dream a Little Dream’ to ‘Top Of The World’ via ‘All The Small Things’.
Every now and then someone would pop their head around the door but most, I think, probably thought they should leave me to it. I was addicted. I’m not sure how long I was there but it felt like forty minutes. If I hadn’t had to go and buy a pint of milk somewhere I might have been there all day.
If only I could sing.

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