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John Moores 24 – The ‘Hanging’

jm24hanging-1.jpgI reckon its quite hard work being a judge for a major art prize. The John Moores judges are back in Liverpool again today helping to decide where each of the 52 paintings should be hung. That a lot of paintings, some are too big to move around too much others are too small to prop up against the wall so they’re on a table top hoping not to be forgotten.

Also the exhibition is spread across 3 rooms and those big wooden partitions on wheels are being driven from one room to another until everyone is happy.

Pictured here are Ann Bukantas and Tracey Emin who along with the other judges Sir Peter Blake, Jason Brooks and Andrea Rose has spent a lot of time in Liverpool this year for the various stages of judging. They will be back next week for the opening and announcement of the prize-winners.

Having had a quick peak at most of the final 52 works I can say that this years show should be well received by most people

John Moores 24 opens to the public on Saturday September 16th 2006 at Walker Art Gallery