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John Moores 24 – Final 52 Artists Announced

The 52 artists that made it through to the exhibition stage of the 24th John Moores Painting Competition have been announced.

Here they are (in alphabetical order): Henny Acloque, Guy Allott, Carolina Ambida, Lucy Annat, Emma Bennett, Elaine Brown, Alan Brooks, Matthew Burrows, Gordon Cheung, Leigh Clarke, Graham Crowley, Matt Davies, Geraint Evans, Cynthia Girard, Martin Greenland, Andrew Griffiths, Andy Harper, David Harrison, Vincent Hawkins, Claude Heath, Günther Herbst, Gerard Hemsworth, Dale Holmes, Philip Jones, Neil Kelly, David Leapman, David Mabb, Jeff McMillan, David G. Martin, Eliza Meath Baker, Andrea Medjesi–Jones, Nicholas Middleton, Richard Moon, Jost Münster, Penny Neville-Lee, Alicia Paz, Sachiko Odashima, Hugo Platt, Daphne Plessner, Alex Ramsay, Andreas Rüthi, Gary ‘Dollman’ Sollars, Ben Spiers, Arabella Stewart, Michael Stubbs, Paul Thomas, Covadonga Valdés, Julian Wakelin, Caroline Walker, James White, Emily Wolfe, Clare Woods.

Gary ‘Dollman’ is in there, that’s good. Not sure I recognise any other names.

The five prizewinners out of the above list will be announced on Thursday 14 September 2006. There is an outright prize of £25,000 plus four prizes of £2,500 each.

In addition to the five main prizewinners, the £1,000 ‘visitors’ choice’ prize, which proved very popular and provoked great debate during the 2004 exhibition, makes a welcome return. It will be announced towards the end of the exhibition.

The exhibition opens at Liverpool Walker Art Gallery September 16th until November 26th 2006