Monday, December 4, 2023
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JMU – 68 Hope St. Last in a Series

Claudia Lastra Finoon Saleh

This week saw the last of the gallery practise shows by the John Moores Fine Art 2nd year students in the Hope St building. I think I missed the first couple of shows but I have really enjoyed the rest, they have all been well organised and presented though the food and drink doesn’t always last long (note to self – make sure you get there early next time).
As before, there were 7 artists using various media…
Keiron Finnetty (large white mount board covered in small ink marks which draws the viewer in); John Murphy (2 charcoal sketches and oil painting of Derby Park which is his local source of inspiration); Claudia Lastra (a small wooden room which you can enter and ‘realise the potential for art/atmosphere’); Finoon Saleh (Large 2 part installation made from red and blue tissue paper and black sugar paper and lots of pva glue. Suspended from the ceiling and across the floor – ‘Rooh Al-Insaan’ = Soul of a Person); Laura Shimmin (2 part oil on canvas investigating colour and shape); Helen Thompson (Installation of several objects, pictures, documents etc. relating to recent hospital experience and family bereavement); Sydnie Whitely (a piece in various shades of white made from canvas, wood, plaster and emulsion).

John Murphy Laura Shimmin