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Its About Time at View Two

nigel-mairs-view-two.jpg ray-fields-view-two.jpg

This very good exhibition ‘Its About Time‘ by four artists closes on Friday December 22 2006.
The four are all former staff of Liverpool Art School (1966 – 1992) so they are a very accomplished and experienced group.
The first wall on the top floor of View Two Gallery in Mathew Street is taken up with the works of Ray Fields, they look to me at first sight like manually created prints but are actually digital creations drawn with a mouse.
Nigel Mairs more colourful paintings on the far wall are also partly digital but there’s other media in there too.
Then there are a set of photographs of places such as a Paris pavement cafe by Phil Jenkins and finally a fine set of small still life watercolours by Peter Bailey.

View Two is looking better than ever these days, the works on the first two floors have been thinned out a bit so its easier to step back and have a good look.
There are still some of Jon Pountain’s excellent pastels and several works by Matt Wilde which are well worth a look.
Open Thursday – Saturday 12-16.00 or view by appointment