Italian Images by Peter Edge – Editions

peter edge 1 peteredge2.jpg
Its a bit of a hike from Blackburne House down to Editions in Cook Street but I was pleased I managed to avoid the brief thunderstorms, Sadly, in my smugness, I failed to notice as I was crossing Hanover Street that a bus was speeding towards a nearby puddle. It was one of those slow-mo moments when a huge plume of muddy, oily rainwater landed on my right shoulder. So I arrived, soaked and muddy down one side and perfectly dry on the other. No-one seemed to notice as they were far too busy admiring Peter Edge‘s latest paintings.

Peter has been spending a lot of time in Italy producing several fine works all within the past 6 months. They are paintings of churches, acrylic on card, external and internal views. Making great use light and shade with the sun beaming through the large windows, casting long shadows and reflecting off the gold and silver ornaments.
Some show the vastness of the interiors whilst other are close up details of the architectural features. Peter has an interesting and recognisable style, they’re beautifully framed in black too. I can see why they are popular with collectors.

‘Italian Images’ by Peter Edge at Editions until May 27th 2006