Henry Moore – Natural Form at Tate Liverpool

henry mooreWell everyone loves Henry Moore don’t they? A national treasure and all that. What with Turner on the ground floor and Stubbs at the Walker there’s a wealth of Brit Art on show in Liverpool, I’m so proud!

I prefer Moore’s big stuff, the reclining figures and such that you can walk around and peer through the shapes and holes on a grand scale. These smaller items are just a bit dull, especially as you can’t touch them, running ones hand over the smooth brass curves would make it a much better experience.

Still, its quite interesting to see Moore’s sketches as his ideas develop from the natural forms such as bones, shells and stones to the bumps and hollows of the final works.

Henry Moore – Natural Form at Liverpool Tate April 8th 2006 to February 4th 2007


  1. hi my name is steffay Gibbons and i am from cheslyn hay high school and i went to the tate and it was brilliant luv steff


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