Help! I’m Shipwrecked

shipwrecked-crab.jpgAs if being stranded on an uninhabited island wasn’t bad enough there’s a scary giant crab with the even-more-scary and unintelligible voice of Ricky Tomlinson offering me advice on how to escape!

So I soon give up trying to escape and concentrate on playing with the toys, interactive and otherwise and reading about coracles. So many children here anyway, if I built a raft, they would have to go first and there wouldn’t be room for me.
Also I’d rather stay here than escape to be surrounded by the boring displays of boats that take up the rest of this floor of the Maritime Museum.

A lot of fun this exhibition, maybe at the expense of factual information, well worth taking the children.

I thought the previous show all about cotton struck a better balance but maybe the kids didn’t agree.

Shipwreched – Can You Escape the Island. At Liverpool Maritime Museum until May 20th 2007