Hear Chemical Brothers at Tate Modern

epstein_headphones.jpgAn excellent idea. They should bring it to Tate Liverpool, I’d love to listen to the Chemical Brothers whilst looking at the works of the Chapman Brothers. I often get the two confused anyway.

From 24hourmuseum

Tate has joined forces with some of the biggest names in the music industry to launch Tate Tracks, an innovative new web project aimed at enticing a younger, streetwise audience into the gallery.

Launched on September 1 2006 the project will eventually showcase a range of music from artists as varied as the Chemical Brothers, Graham Coxon and Roll Deep – each of them inspired by specific works of art on display at Tate Modern.

Each month visitors to the gallery will be able to listen to a new track at listening points situated next to the piece of art that inspired it. The tracks will then be downloadable the following month from the Tate Tracks website at www.tatetracks.org.uk

The first track, by the Chemical Brothers, was made in response to a sculpture by Jacob Epstein and can be listened to via headphones in the gallery from September 1. Tate Modern is the only place you will be able to hear the track until a month later when it will be put on the Tate website.