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HCI – Mixed Reality – FACT Science Week Event

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Its Science Week, March 10th -19th (seems a week is 9 days according to scientists) so there’s lots of things going on throughout the North West to promote and celebrate science.
Check out the website:
At FACT there was a Fun Drop In event in the Box all day yesterday and there will be another next week (18th March).
‘Mixed Hello’ – Augmented Reality Installation consists of 6 software pieces by creative technologist Josh Nimoy.
Basically the computer reacts to your shadow as you stand in front of the screen. You can be surrounded by stars, make a ball bounce off your body, scribble a picture with your head and similar things.
Or you could just make good old fashioned shadow puppets like the guys here.
Great fun, I’ll be back next week when I think its more sound-based interaction.

Josh Nimoy will be back with more Human Computer Interaction along with Caen Botto and Simon Poulter in the Media Lounge from March 31st to May 27th 2006.