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Grand Art Exhibition at St Georges – Update

Click here for a full update on the upcoming major event at St Georges Hall during the 08 UK Squash Competition there, May 3rd – 7th 2006.
Contact Peter Worthington of South Bohemia Gallery for further information.

The Capital of Culture crown, which Liverpool has won for 2008, has created a huge renaissance in art and the culture of the city. Different themes have been used to highlight the many aspects of art and culture; this year the city is celebrating the themes of art and sport through performance. The Culture Company is promoting the sport of squash as a performance of culture in the prestigious St Georges Hall, one of the most beautiful buildings in Britain. To complement the performance of sport, the South Bohemia Art Gallery and it’s associate, Boho Dolls, are curating an art exhibition with performing arts to facilitate integration in the themes in one grand event.

The exhibition will in many ways express the performance of the sporting people of Merseyside and the musical and theatrical skills of the city, with the diverse talents of the exhibitors.