I didn’t actually attend the Diffraction event at FACT this week but I noticed there was something going on in the public area. Naturally, I can’t just walk past a couple of PCs without checking it out so ended up having a go at the Landlines project.
This is ‘a multi-user web-based drawing tool for GPS enabled mobile phones’ created by Jon Wetherall of Onteca, Liverpool, Jen Hamilton and Jen Southern.
So we went outside FACT armed with a bluetooth GPS (Global Positioning System) and a mobile phone, we went for a walk and returned to see our route drawn on the screen.
Its not just about drawing maps because as you go round you are aware the anyone watching the screen can follow your movements which may in turn affect where you decide to go.

Unfortunately the system didn’t approve of our diversion into the 3345 club for a quick drink. The red line should have continued down to Wolstenholme Sq then back up Fleet St. but it looks like we ended up in Open Eye. Only had one drink, honest.
Link to the map.


  1. I wrote the back end and the map display for this, I’m glad you found it an interesting concept. the things still got a long way to go but I’m sure you can already see the potential of the system, especially seeing as how within the next 6 months new mobile phones are going to have the gps device built in, so you can just wander round with your phone in your pocket, and map where you’ve been and share this with friends. along with photos of where you’ve been, which you can see an example of here

  2. Thanks Daniel, glad to see you can walk in a straighter line than me.
    So I have to buy another new phone soon!!


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