Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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Gormley sea statues win reprieve

Sefton Council had refused to extend permission allowing Another Place – the sea sculptures created by Antony Gormley – to remain on Crosby Beach.

But the council said on Tuesday the naked men statues could stay while a planning appeal is considered.

Northern Way, which promotes economic development in the north, is set to grant £1m to keep the statues.

With supporters of the statues expected to lodge an appeal triggering a public inquiry, the council said it would not enforce their removal on 31 October.

Another Place Ltd – whose members include TV presenter Lloyd Grossman and Lewis Biggs Chief Executive of Liverpool Biennial – hopes to raise £2m to keep the work in Crosby.

This has been boosted by Northern Way, which said it would grant £1m to the statues if other funding was in place and planning permission granted.

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