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Good Diversions

Good Diversions 051 BuildingGood Diversions‘ is curated by Alan Dunn for Bluecoat Arts Centre as part of The Culture Company’s ‘City In Transition’ programme.
Three groups of artists have been invited to create a set of Good Diversions for July 2006, re-routing our senses away from everyday life amidst the shifting sand of Liverpool’s city centre.

The middle billboard on the 051 Building in this picture is supposed to rotate every 6 seconds to show different pictures but it was well and truly stuck when I was there today. It doesn’t surprise me as that building has been a structural disaster since day one with scaffolding an almost permanent feature as tiles were constantly being repaired.
The pictures are by Paul McCann (Twin Vision) and Leila Romaya

Also International artists’ group Foreign Investment present a new 2-day 4-hour composition on 5 and 6 July entitled Tuning-in – opus 3. Working closely with street musicians and a local horse and cart company, they will draw sonic attention to well-known areas around the city centre. The route for the horse & cart should be Berry St > Bold St > Church St > Williamson Sq. on July 6th 15-16.00

Also Live Artist Mandy Romero takes up residence in Paradise St (Location tbc) in July to explore the nature of the city’s transformation through shop-front actions, unconventional appearances and the accumulation of tell-tale traces of change.

See Alan Dunn’s website for full details: