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‘Go Figure’ at Bluecoat Display Centre

go-figure-minako.jpgWell I’m sure the Paradise development will be great when its finished and yes the roads do need improving but as Hanover St. closes for a month from tomorrow all this is making it almost impossible to get to the delightful Bluecoat Display Centre.
Its a great shame as they have lots of lovely ceramics, jewellery, glassware etc. etc. and the latest exhibition of figurative sculptures is particularly interesting.

This exhibition entitled ‘Go Figure’ highlights the work of 3 women artists from the region. Pauline Hughes and Judith Davies hand build strong, contemporary figurative ceramics and these will be complemented by the sensual ceramic sculptures of Mari-Ruth Oda.

Lots of curvaceous bodies or parts of bodies on show, very interesting. Please make an effort to fight your way through the building site to take a look.

Go Figure at Bluecoat Display Centre, entrance from College Lane, until August 26th 2006