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Glacial Art – Ice Sculptors

ice-swan.jpg lion_luge_2.jpg

Spotted this on the new Kin2Kin website and thought these ice sculptures looked rather cool (pun intended).
Created by a new local company Glacial Art its aimed mostly at the hospitality market, pictured here is an ‘ice drink luge’, you can even have a whole drinks bar made from ice.
But of course I’m more into the arty sculptings of swans, shells and, er, Teddy bears.

The two guys who run the company were university friends who went to London to look for work soon after graduating. Both enjoyed considerable success – Mat Chaloner did ice sculpting on the set of the last James Bond movie, Die Another Day, and Mat Foster worked on the costumes for the Harry Potter films, the Colin Farrell blockbuster Alexander the Great and for Angelina Jolie in Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.

After spending three years working on various projects, the two travelled to New Zealand and Australia, where they gained inspiration for and experience in making ice sculptures. They then returned to Liverpool to launch Glacial Art.

I’m interested to know how they do it. Do they have to work inside a giant freezer to stop it melting or do they make a mould and pour water into it.