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Glacial Art – Ice Sculptors Part 2

frank-front-230.jpgYou may recall a few days ago I mentioned a new Liverpool company called Glacial Art formed by two artists who specialise in sculpting all kinds of things from ice.

I was curious about the process and wondered if perhaps the poured water into a mould an froze it.

Anyway they got in touch, sent me this nice photo of another icework called Frank that was on show in Modo I think recently and at some point we’ll pay a visit to their studio to see how its done. I want to see how you can do all that carving without either the ice melting or the artist freezing to death.

here’s what they said…

‘Just cos you mentioned it everything we do is hand carved. We start off with a metre block of ice and take it from there. To us moulds for ice is sacrilege!!!’