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Giant Neon Art In Garston

Council Leader Councillor Warren Bradley with year one pupils from Gilmore infants school will unveil Animal a 25 ft neon light wall sculpture in St Mary’s Road on Friday 17th November at 17:30. International artist Ron Haseldon invited pupils to make a drawing on the subject of an animal on an A6 piece of paper. One was chosen and transformed into a large scale, free-standing neon light.

Garstons animal is a three humped camel drawn by a pupil of gilmore infants. Alex Corina Artist/Campaigner says
“We hope the people of Garston will turn out and join us in St Mary’s Road at the Slaughterhouse for the switching on ceremony and party. It will be just fantastic if not awesome . Imagine a neon sculpture that size in Garston, all we need now is the Yellow Lamb Banana”.

This project is a Liverpool Biennial project developed in collaboration with Garston Cultural Village, Rotunda College in Vauxhall and Metal in Kensington. The three organisations aim to create through collaborative work, a presence in the neighbourhoods for the Biennial beyond the city centre.