Get Arty – and Paint A Pot

getarty-1.jpg getarty-2.jpg
‘Get Arty’ is a new ‘paint a pot’ place at 207 Eaton Road not far from Alder Hey Hospital.
There’s a lot more going on that just painting pots. They have ceramics of all shapes and sizes. You just choose what you want to paint, it could be a simple mug or a figurine, plates large and small or the ever-popular money boxes (in a cute teddy bear shape).
Some things can be painted with acrylics and taken home with you as soon as they are dry, others are glazed and need to be fired and collected a couple of days later.

The place was opened in May 2006 by Gill and Carl Nelson and its been packed out all through the Summer. And its not just popular with kids, the parents and old folks love it too.
They have had several children’s parties and other group events there and plan to start up a mobile service soon to visit schools, community centres etc.

I think its a great idea, we’ll be back there soon to paint a couple of plant pots

Get Arty. 207 Eaton Road L12 2AG Open Tue-Sat 10.00 – 17.00, Sun 11 – 16.00. Evenings groups can be booked.
Phone 0151 259 2343