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Futures – launch of Merseyside’s New Network

futureslogo.gifFutures – launch of Merseyside’s New Network

Creatives and design businesses in Merseyside should visit the new website.

Design Initiative, in association with V and Merseyside ACME presents Merseyside’s new network for designers working in the communications field: graphic design, webdesign, advertising, interactive media and related services such as illustration and commercial photography.

Join Futures now and sign up for the launch event taking place on Wednesday 26 July.

Designing relationships : Hunting or Farming?
Ralph Ardill : Founder and CEO, The Brand Experience Consultancy, previously of Imagination.

Is the model of hunter or farmer the most productive way to generate good client relationships?

Designers and their clients need to work together to get the best results, with respect for each others businesses and trust in each others knowledge of their respective industries.

Good relationships are key in achieving this, but how do we achieve good relationships in the first place? How can we win new clients and, more importantly, keep them? Or when and how should we say goodbye?

Followed by Ralphs Clinic Q&A: resolving your current client issues on the spot!

Date: Wednesday 26 July
Time: 5.30pm
Venue: Static, 23 Roscoe Lane, Liverpool. L1 9JD
Cost £10 members/ £20 non members.

Cost of annual membership £20 (includes a saving of up to £40 over series of four planned seminar events, online directory listing, informal networking hosted by Liverpool design agencies, exclusive futures ebulletin with jobs and news)

Booking is essential –

With the support of V and Merseyside ACME, the Design Initiative has set up Futures and has arranged a seminar series until December 2006. It is hoped that funds can be raised to continue into 2007 and beyond.

For further information contact 0151 709 1566.