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‘Funny, how thin the line is’ at FACT

05ccabcraterweb.jpgLast chance to see the current exhibition at FACT. It ends on Sunday January 8th 2006.

Funny, How Thin The Line Is: Documents from The Atlas Group Archive
11 November – 8 January
Artist: Walid Raad/The Atlas Group

Gallery 1 & 2

Walid Raad established The Atlas Group in 1999 as “an imaginary foundation to research and document the contemporary history of Lebanon”. Significantly, documents in The Atlas Group Archive are attributed to various imaginary individuals and groups but are stories inspired by reality. The Atlas Group oscillates between fiction and non-fiction. The work presented in this exhibition, including new video, photography, sculpture and archive material, subtly mines the implications of developing technologies, their impact on war and in turn war?s impact on individuals, communities and societies across the globe. It also questions the methods employed to document political situations and how these help to shape our personal interpretations and world view.

Media Lounge

To complement the exhibition, Funny How Thin The Line Is, Raad invited the Visible arts collective to present a part of their project Disappeared in America in the Media Lounge. Visible is an arts collective whose work questions and challenges ideas, theory and images in the post 9/11 “war on terror”. They use film, soundscape, images, installations and lectures to explore the faces of made-to-disappear émigrés, exiles, visitors, and other suspects in a post 9/11 world, occupying an “uneasy space between documentary and political theatre”