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Funkadelic Chicken at The Oxford

trans_george_lund_walk_the_plank.jpgFunkadelic Chicken Donned at Oxford but Nearly Skinned and Plucked
Thursday 21 December 2006
Written by George Lund (on his Alter Ego of the Funkadelic Chicken)

Fifty staff (Directors, managers etc) from the Innovation Factory, Jet Jobs Employment Training Centre, Yanwath Community Centre, and other community organisations held a Christmas Party at the Oxford on Wednesday 20 December 2006.

The Funkadelic Chicken was invited to perform and gave a chicken lip smacking, grease lightening floor cabaret act. The party poops mainly women were stunned by the Chickens capers. The Funkadelic Chicken had it’s cheeks felt and pinched. The chickens’ trews’ fell down and a Full Monty Chicken nearly evolved and had a standing ovation (metaphorically of course!)

The Funkadelic Chicken said: ‘I my beak was bent and have bruisers on my bottom and legs to prove it from the frenzy of the dance (CLUCK!). I have been asked by many of the women (CLUCK!) when and where I will perform again (CLUCK! CLUCK!). I will consider taking the Chico-gram up next year!”

The Funkadelic Chicken Rocked the Oxford, but escapes with life from attention of horde of women, now avid fans. Stuffing fell out everywhere and some ladies were trying to stuff it back in. He added: “I was telling them to get stuffed (CLUCK!)”.

To learn more of the Funkadelic Chickens moves …

Chicken Dances of Life.Funky Chicken:
Peace Happiness Love, Tranquillity.
Beak Dancing.
Communication, Language, Dialogue, Diplomacy.
Mooning Walk.
Cheekiness, Cosmic (full moon,half moon) Comfort Posture.
Straw Dance.
Sleep, Harvest,.Warmth, Food.
Chicken Salsa.
Culture, passion. rhythm, hotness, Latin.
Chicken Vin DE Loo.
Curry favours, Hotness, healthy food.
Chicken Robot
Technology, Innovation, Futuristic.
Chicken Lake.
Classical, Culture, Ballet.

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