Sunday, October 1, 2023
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Former Fashion Model (now Blogger) Reminisces


Those of you have seen me gliding up and down the galleries and streets of Liverpool in my man-about-town persona will not be surprised to hear that in the dim and distant past I was what, I believe, is commonly known as a Supermodel.
Ah yes, I remember it well, the catwalks of Paris, London and Birkenhead showing off the latest from the Littlewoods and Freemans catalogue collections to the haute couture aficionados.

It was bloody hard work though and murder on the feet as I was soon reminded last night at the John Moores University Art School Fashion Show for this years graduates which was held at the World Museum Liverpool. I was in the front row so could see all too clearly that the footwear was often too big or too small for the models.

Apart from that it was great, lots of interesting designs, the show started a bit late but was otherwise really well organised and presented, even the music was pretty good.
Very few items of menswear though, us male models can hardly get any work these days.