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Flagging down May Day-a London Biennale proposal

Opportunity for local artists to participate in the London Biennale project.

From Adam Nankervis, Museum MAN. Contact Adam for further details at adamnankervis@yahoo.com

A London Biennale 2006 proposal

The inaugural day of The London Biennale 2006 was proposed by David Medalla in 1997 as an auspicious day
to open and celebrate the return of the biennale bi annually.May Day is a name for various holidays celebrated on May 1.
May Day is exactly a half-year from November 1, All Saints’ Day. Marking the end of winter half of the year in the Northern hemisphere, it has always been an occasion for popular celebrations, regardless of the political or religious establishment. May Day was originally the Celtic holiday Beltaine, the “Return of the Sun”. It is the third and last of the spring festivals. Beltaine manifests with the the maypole, draped in banners ribbons and flags and the sending a basket of flowers to someones door.

The London Biennale 2006
The candycoloured point flags on Maypoles and the traditionally bannered flags draped from windows and
carried during marches in celebration of May Day has inspired this proposal.

I would like to invite all participating London Biennale artists to bring a flag on May 1-or on the opening event of The London Biennale 2006 and over the period of The London Biennial 2006 fly them over and around London, Liverpool, Berlin and to other destinations where they can be hoisted to allow the artist a dialogue of their desire of any size,colour whether whimsical,absurd, slogans, emblamatic…which will be assembled in a unity-cojoined,accumulating in a diverse assemblage in many locations,culminating in a hoisting of the flags on London Bridge on August 312006-the official night of the closing of The London Biennale 2006.
The flags will then be flown amast in Liverpool as The London Biennale Pollination during a site yet determined in Liverpool during The Liverpool Biennial 2006 where all artists will be represented.
adam nankervis