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‘Eye for Colour’ at World Museum Liverpool

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This actually opened on February 18th, in time for the half-term holiday but I didn’t have time to write about it.
I have already been round 3 times and really enjoyed it.
Its aimed at the 7-12 age group which seems to about the right level for me!
Its at the World Museum until August 26th, you might have to queue for a while to get a go on the popular Art Machine which (virtually) shoots colors onto a spinning screen, you then save the image and email it to yourself (or someone else). When you receive the image you can then use the makemymegastore site to print it onto various items such cards, T shirts etc.

Favourite Colour
Also online you can choose your favourite colour and have it projected in the exhibition and on the website

Eye For Colour
The rainbow revealed at World Museum Liverpool
The amazing world of colour, from dark sombre hues to dazzling psychedelic spectrums, is spotlighted in Eye for Colour at the World Museum Liverpool from 18 February to 27 August 2006.

Visitors enjoy astonishing experiences linked to ever-changing domains of colour where light and shade combine to create startling forms. This is where science meets art in more ways than one. This is a rainbow universe where the senses are stimulated to incredible degrees, where colour takes on an ever-increasing importance.

Eye for Colour explains and explores what colour is all about – its origins, how the natural world exploits its benefits, how artists use colour and its cultural significance in the world around us.

Hands-on experiences and interactives involve visitors and invite them to explore, play and be creative with colour. A giant swivelling human eyeball dominates its surroundings with a camera in the retina. Visitors can see how the eye works and make the model move about.
etc. See the NML website