Eric Orme at Unity

Signs in Red c. Eric Orme Lid 1 c. Eric Orme

Abstract Paintings by Eric Orme at Unity Theatre until April 1st 2006.
Part of the fun of exhibitions at the Unity is finding all the pictures. I’ve never seen any in the foyer but they can be all around the stairs, the 1st and 2nd floor corridors and the bar areas. It just depends how much work the artist has to show.
Eric Orme has been quite busy lately, most of these works are very recent and spread around all of the first and second floors.
Eric finds inspiration in old things such as the small packages used in Lid 1 and Lid 2 which are those small boxes they used to send fancy wedding cards in. He has painted over it then scraped most of it off so the stamps, sellotape etc, are still visible. He is also very interested in symbols used in language and writing systems so a lot of the images are similar but not exact copies of Etruscan, Oriental, Phoenician, Greek… characters. Sometimes painted or drawn sometimes scratched into the paint.

There is a painting entitled ‘Muromachi’ after the Japanese 15th – 16th century period. Also a small blue painting is an ‘Homage to Paul Klee’
So there’s plenty to look at during the play intervals in this absorbing exhibition.