‘End of Cinematics’ – Reminder

Exciting show at the Royal Court this week Thursday – Saturday.

The End Of Cinematics – European premiere
Royal Court, 1 Roe Street, Liverpool, Merseyside, L1 1HL
Date(s): 16/11/2006 – 18/11/2006
[t]:0151 233 2008

New York’s Mikel Rouse is a composer, singer, musician, film-maker and director. The Liverpool Culture Company has co-commissioned his latest work which plays with the idea that we will soon no longer simply sit and watch the two-dimensional screen.

His haunting electronic songs of love and longing are performed by him and a cast of actors and singers performing against a brilliant large screen blend of film, dramatic narrative, colour, design and special effects. It’s like watching the very best music video come alive before your very eyes.

This is a spectacular work which has earned rave reviews in its first performance in the US and is precisely about not just cities in transition but whole cultures in transition.

Liverpool’s Royal Court hosts the European premiere of the work, marking the end of Liverpool 08’s season of performances and coinciding with the Liverpool Biennial.

Tickets cost £12.50 and £7.50 for concessions, show starts at 8pm. For tickets call the Royal Court box office on 0870 787 1866 or visit www.royalcourtliverpool.com. Opening hours are Monday to Thursday, 10am to 6pm, Friday, 10am to 8pm and Saturday 2pm to 8pm. Full wheelchair access to the stalls is available but not to the circle or balcony at present. Please let the box office know of any access requirements when you book.


  1. The most tender, precise, affecting performance with soothing music I have seen in a long time.

  2. Really? I thought it was pretty dull and unmoving myself, except to check my watch every few minutes.
    Partly my fault, never a fan of musicals but they at least tell a story and have emotional high and lows etc. This was just a bunch of people standing around singing with some pretty ordinary visuals.
    They occasionally changed position but thought there would be some narrative, acting or at least action. Very disappointed.

  3. I agree that we don’t need to know what it was about. If you’ve read much of the stuff on my blogs you’ll know that I’m not one for looking for meanings in artworks. I like them or I don’t. Its very rare that I don’t and I wouldn’t say I disliked this show but it was just a bunch of guys singing some songs that weren’t really to my taste with some video that was billed as being awesome but was really quite mundane.

    It could have been a lot better so I was disappointed.

    I did enjoy Super Vision at the same venue in May though.


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