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Elsbeth Linnhoff at Blackburne House

I tried my best to get to 4 events last night but only made it to 3 so apologies to Polished T who were hosting the launch of Burst No.2. I’ll call in soon to have a look.

c. Elsbeth LinnhoffFirst stop on the tour was Blackburne House for an exhibition of photographic portraits by Elsbeth Linnhoff, originally from Switzerland but now based in Manchester.

Elsbeth has travelled widely over several years and taken many delightful pictures of the people she has met in places such as Cuba, Vietnam, Morocco, Thailand, Yemen, India etc..

In the Conservatory there are half a dozen monochrome portraits then in the corridor by the Main hall there are eight colour pictures of children, mostly smiling and laughing, this is my favourite group.
In the Cafe/Bar there are another 14 photos of interesting and colourful characters. Some of these works have come very close to winning some major awards, they are all for sale as limited editions and are on show until March 31st 2006