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Dying Frog Presents… at Cornerstone

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If you were at Cornerstone gallery a couple of weeks ago you may have seen a very rare site. Me dancing, jigging no less! That’s me dressed in black, just a blur as I spin around. This was Lucia Cipriano’s fault, its her interactive piece called Wallflower where she asks people to dance with her. Will they join in or will they be a wallflower and ‘sit out’? She also painted small red flowers on the walls.

Meanwhile Frakture were playing their own unique brand of improvised music which was inspiring Fanchon Frohlich to produce a couple of abstract paintings live with the help of Jane McCormack.

Claire Weetman was also responding to the audience by drawing the outlines of people in black and white directly onto the large glass windows of the hall.

It was an interesting and fun evening, I should go back t see the finished outcome but it closes this Friday, September 8th 2006