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Dreamspace Tragedy

dreamspacetragedy from BBCAwful news. I’m usually the first to spot and fret about any possible health and safety hazard but when Dreamspace was here in Liverpool it never occurred to me that it may be unsafe. I suppose there are hidden dangers in everything even a beautiful, peaceful artwork. Very sad.
Some papers referred to it as a ‘bouncy castle’! What!

Artwork victims ‘fell to deaths’

Two women killed when a giant, inflatable sculpture blew into the air fell to their deaths from a great height, according to ambulance staff.

Another 13 people were hurt when the Dreamspace artwork was lifted into the air at Riverside Park, Chester-le-Street, Co Durham on Sunday.

Forensic teams examining the artwork’s moorings have not ruled out foul play.

Claire Furmedge, 38, from Chester-le-Street, and 68-year-old Elizabeth Collings from Seaham, died.

Ms Furmedge was a mother-of-two and Ms Collings was a grandmother. Both were on the artwork with young relatives, none of whom were seriously hurt.

The Dreamspace sculpture, created by artist Maurice Agis, comprises several rooms, made of translucent PVC sheets, which are interconnected and inflated to allow visitors to walk about inside.

LINK to BBC story