Dreamspace Ruined by Vandals

dreamspace-ruin.jpgWhat can I say, its all so depressing. I went to the opening on Friday and really enjoyed it, I was about to write about it and urge people to visit. Now I’ll wait to see if/when its repaired.

From tonight’s Echo

A KNIFE-wielding gang has trashed a prestigious art exhibition in the grounds of Liverpool’s Roman Catholic cathedral.
The yobs destroyed the Dreamspace project within hours of it being opened.
Up to 15 youths climbed the steps to the Metropolitan cathedral plaza and broke through hoardings.
A security guard tried to stop them but was threatened by the armed mob who then went on the rampage.
They ripped up the massive air-filled dome causing damage which will cost thousands of pounds to re-pair.

Distraught artist Maurice Agis says the plastic material was torn using knives or blades.

Organisers are facing a race against time to repair the dome and are predicting it will reopen on Wednesday.

Mr Agis said: “A lot of blood, sweat and tears has gone into the project so it’s galling to see it ruined just 24 hours after opening.
“It’s shattered me as this was the biggest exhibition I’ve done and it’s being premiered here in Liverpool.”


  1. When this happened to the STATELESS project in January(refer to Blog on January 10, 2006 07:19 PM “Launch Ruined by Vandalism

  2. oh no! dreamspace is indeed fantastic – waiting for it to come back this year to london…

    i hope maurice is not too distraught as hes a nice bloke with a fantastic experiance that hes created for everyone.

  3. I tried to find the exhibit when I was in Liverpool last Wednesday and Thursday. I couldn’t find it, and I decided to visit it when I go to Durham later this week to visit my son. Now, there has been this dreadful tragedy. Was vandalism responsible this time. I feel so sorry for Maurice Agis as well as for the victims of this terrible thing.

  4. It finished in Liverpool on July 16th so you would not have found it here last week. ‘Foul play’ has still not been ruled out. I think that’s likely the end of dreamspace.


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