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Dancing Not Football at Maritime Museum

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When you go to the Maritime Museum to see the ‘Shipwrecked’ exhibition, start by going up to the 4th floor. After taking a few moments to admire the view of the Pier Head from the window, take a look at this marvelous little exhibition called ‘Dancing Not Football’.

There are about 6 large banners – created by local youth and community groups – exploring the cultural roots of families living around the Grafton and the Liverpool Olympia. They highlight a love of dancing as a link between four generations of residents, proving that present-day Grafton regulars are repeating history without realising it.
I think the 60s hippy style one is my favourite, they’re not just painted, there’s all kinds of things collaged onto the works.

MPAC (Merseyside Play Action Council) were heavily involved and artist Elaine Bennet who led on Dancing Not Football, says: