Creative LETS AGM, Sat Oct 28

NOTE: You don’t have to be a member to be interested in this opportunity to run an arts organisation.

Creative LETS AGM

13.00 Sat Oct 28th

South Bohemia Gallery
196 Smithdown Rd
Liverpool 15

Important: Please Read

Dear Creative LETS member,


Both myself and Lis Edgar have been officers of Creative Lets for the last three years, as treasurer and secretary respectively, during which time we have shouldered a large part of the running of the organisation.
However, we’re feeling a bit burnt out, and we have other pressing demands on our time, so we have decided not to put ourselves forward for re-election this year.

Clearly, this has serious implications for the organisation – if no-one comes forward to do those jobs, then Creative Lets will quietly fold.
However, if you feel that it is something that you would like to take on, then Lis and i are both happy to remain as committee members, show the new people the ropes, take on a reduced workload, and the organisation can go forward with an injection of energy and enthusiasm.

For the right people, it is potentially a rewarding thing to take on, and we have sorted out a lot of the foundations in the last three years, but you can’t operate in top gear indefinitely, and we feel it’s time to pass it on, although we wouldn’t be cutting and running; what we’ve found out would still stay within the organisation. If you think that this would suit you, then come along to the AGM, or contact us beforehand if you can’t make the meeting. Otherwise, it was a bold experiment, and it’s time to let it go, i guess.

phil hargreaves

Creative Lets
PO Box 153, South Eastern, Liverpool, L15 9JF