Business Network Success for Dot-Art

Spotted this story in the news today. Good news for Dot-Art, I’m sure Lucy Byrne finds most of her artists via my website so some reflected credit goes to me I think.
I’m a bit concerned that this is 08businessconnect’s first business-to-business success story. One success in six months is not a lot is it. But the business world moves so slowly I suppose.

Business network helps put young firm on the map

Jul 5 2006
Daily Post

LIVERPOOL’S 08 businessconnect organisation has succeeded in helping a young entrepreneur to get the contacts she need to grow her business.

Former University of Liverpool student, Lucy Byrne, represents local artists by helping them find markets for their work. She also tries to persuade local firms to sponsor them. Her company, Dot-Art, has around 50 artists on its books.

08 businessconnect was launched in January to help local businesses make the most out of Capital of Culture and it already has more than 1,500 members.


Dot-Art is one of its first success stories. Thanks to being a member, Lucy has had a sponsorship offer from member David Hunt of recruitment consultants Alexander James.

Nichola Lee, director of 08 businessconnect said: “This is 08 business connect’s first business-to -business success story, and it illustrates just how powerful the network can be in generating new opportunities.”