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British Animation Awards

rabbitHaving watched all 3 evenings of animations at FACT last month I’m quite pleased with the result of the awards announced last night.
There were so many great films and ‘rabbit’ and ‘who I am and what I want’ were certainly amongst my favourites.
From animate!

Rabbit wins 2 Top Prizes in British Animation Awards 2006

Run Wrake’s animate! commission Rabbit won two major categories in the British Animation Awards last night – Best Short Film and Best Film at the Cutting Edge.

who i am and what i wantDavid Shrigley & Chris Shepherd’s animate! Who I Am and What I Want shared the Public Choice Best Short Film Award with Gaelle Denis’ City Paradise.

The two other finalists for BAA Best Short Film were Damian Gascoigne’s animate! commission Careful and Osbert Parker’s Film Noir. Ossie is currently making Head Over Heels funded by animate!.

British Animation Awards is biennial and brings together the highlights of two years of British animation.

Last Saturday Who I Am and What I Want won Best Animated Short at the Kino Manchester International Film Festival.

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