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)BracketTHIS( Going Native – at Arena

bracket this openingSo after Microzine and a quick visit to the Tea Factory it was onto Arena gallery for the last hour of the opening party of the )Bracket THIS( – Going Native event.
I have started yet another blog to cover this exciting event and hopefully the Mercy and Fiction guys will provide us with lots of pictures, news, updates etc.
Didn’t have a lot of time to take it in but it looks really interesting and as in the previous event during the 2004 Biennial there will be live music, poetry and film things during the 3 weeks, followed by a closing party on March 24th.
Apparently it had been really busy earlier on with lots of people looking like tourists as they studied the large A1 map of the gallery.
Just a reminder of what its all about…

“We are going to build on the success of Nov 2004’s first )Bracket THIS( showcase with a brand new concept, featuring artists from the various and varied communities and disciplines across Liverpool, which earned it the title ‘The World in One City’.

The first show consisted of a showcase of as many artists as we could find who were good enough. You might even have been one of them. It was boss, but now the intention is to represent more fully the range of artistic production that exists within Liverpool.”

Keep checking the BracketThis blog for further news/pictures