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Blogger Has Day off – Visits Art Gallery!

patrick caulfield potteryPatrick Caulfield at Tate Liverpool

Well you know I spend all day, every day working on this website so as it was my birthday yesterday I decided to take a day off. So what did I do? I went to Tate Liverpool of course.

I really like Patrick Caulfield’s work so was delighted that Tate are exhibiting about 50 paintings from their collection. I’m not really sure why I like them, they probably leave a lot of people cold, they’re hardly likely to make you laugh or cry, but they appeal to my sense of order and neatness.

Patrick Caulfield (1936–2005) is one of the major British artists of the post-war era who produced some of the most enigmatic and iconic works of the last fifty years. Following his death last year, Tate Liverpool will present a display of his work from the Tate Collection that brings together such important paintings as After Lunch 1975, and Interior with a Picture 1985-6 with a series of acclaimed screenprints. Caulfield’s work radically re-imagines and reinvigorates traditional genres such as the landscape, the still-life, and the domestic interior. His work is characterised by the reduction of detail to areas of bold and flat colour with objects delineated in solid outlines. Although often celebrated as one of the leading proponents of Pop Art in Britain, he distanced himself from any particular art movement by engaging with the subject matter and styles from art history and maintaining a distinctive individuality and originality.

Patrick Caulfield, Tate Liverpool, 26 August 2006 – 4 February 2007, Admission Free