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Biennial: Contribute to a Tate Exhibition

Liverpool Biennial 2006: Taiwanese artist requests textiles and memories from the people of Liverpool

Local Liverpool residents are invited by artist Lee Mingwei to search their homes for items of textiles that have been treasured and kept. He also wants them to share the memories associated with them in order to create a new artwork for Liverpool Biennial’s International 06 exhibition. The work will be shown at Tate Liverpool 16 September to 26 November.

Lee Mingwei’s Fabric of Memory reveals how objects can capture personal memories and histories. The project focuses on clothing and other fabric items owned by Liverpool residents; items made for them in childhood by parents, grandparents, other relatives or persons close to them.

Local residents are requested to write down all they remember about the items of clothing – who made them, when and how they were used and any other memories and associations they evoke. If possible, they are also encouraged to contact the original makers of the items and solicit their memories of the making and giving the item.

Potential lenders are asked in the first instance to send an image or images of the item(s) they wish to submit, along with their brief thoughts to the above questions to biennial@tate.org.uk

The installation at Tate Liverpool will include approximately 20 items. Others will be represented on the project’s web-based component that will continue to grow as submissions are added throughout the course of the exhibition. Many of Lee’s works exist as situations in which participants explore issues of trust, intimacy and self-awareness. In Fabric of Memory, the lent items will be placed in individual boxes, with each object accompanied by its two documented histories. The viewer is invited to open each box, share in its memories and recall their own.

All items will be returned at the close of the exhibition.