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Ben Katchor Workshop – Places Still Available

ben katchorPicture Stories Master Class with Ben Katchor
Tuesday 20 June
10am – 4pm
Polished T Gallery,
Parr Street (off Wolstenholme Square)
L1 5AP

The original deadline was June 2nd but there are still a few places available. Looks really interesting.
UPDATE: There is no fee now!!

Ben has set assignments for participants to complete before next Tuesday. So if you sign up this is what you have to do…

1. Four locations.
Invent a story that moves the reader through these four locations in the following order:
1. A fish market
2. A funeral parlor
3. A savings bank
4. A beauty parlor or haircutting salon

Construct a four-panel strip based on your story.

2. A New Fashion Trend
In a one- or two-page essay, analyze a new fashion trend.
Describe exactly what you’ve noticed.
Where, in particular, have you noticed this new trend?
What do you think is the cause of this new trend?
Is it a manufactured fashion or did it arise spontaneously from some natural cause?
What are the social and cultural implications of this fashion?
Has something like this fashion ever existed before?
What are the dangers of this new fashion?
How long do you think it will last?

Construct a one-page strip based upon this essay.

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