Friday, September 22, 2023
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Attention Please!

attentioncard.jpgI now have my very own ‘Attention Please’ swipe card, cool eh! I like cards, I even like ID cards, information is good. Except when it falls into the wrong hands of course.
Anyway, nothing sinister about this experiment or research project being run by Sara Smith for ITEM at FACT.
You’re given a card and then watch videos on 3 screens and swipe the card over a RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) thingy whenever you feel like. And that’s it basically.
I’m not entirely sure whats going on and its difficult to explain, I don’t think there’s any interactivity as such but the system is recording your attention details. I think that because you are asked to pay attention and because you want to show that you are by swiping the card every so often, then you do, actually pay more attention.
Otherwise I may well have just popped in and thought ‘hmm, 3 more boring videos’ and walked back out after about 30 seconds.

See full details and leave comments on the website/blog:

Attention Please is in the Box at FACT until tomorrow, Thursday 4th May, 14-18.00. Just walk in and have a go.