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ArteFACT – ‘Acid Days Revisited (parts 1-3)’

c. David LuntDavid Lunt presents his dynamic and colourful paintings in the Bar at FACT as the second artist in the ARTEFACT programme. Taking inspiration from cinema, literature, magazine photography and classic paintings, Lunt uses computer manipulation to deconstruct and rework this imagery into distinctive abstract compositions. The paintings that he produces at the end of this process combine these hybrid elements with layers of pigment compressed between glass, resin and aluminium, resulting in complex and intriguing work.

David Lunt recently graduated from Loughborough University with an MA in Art and Design Studio Practice. He lives and works in Knutsford, Cheshire.

Acid Days Revisited (parts 1-3) Part 1: ‘Standing in the light field’. Oil, Resin, Digital Print and Glass. Part 2: ‘Morning Star’. Oil and Resin on Aluminium (mounted on MDF). Part 3: ‘Are You There?’. Oil, Resin, Digital Print and Glass.

in the FACT bar area – March 12th – May 22nd 2006