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Art-Place-Technology Symposium

New media art is a global phenomenon: a rapidly changing and dynamic field of creative practice which crosses
conventional categories and disciplinary boundaries, challenging our assumptions about art.
•• How do curators engage with new media art?
•• What makes a good curator of new media art?
•• What can we learn from the pioneers of this field?
•• What common ground exists with other disciplines?
•• What does the future hold for curating new media art?
These and other issues will be explored at
International Symposium on Curating New Media Art
Liverpool School of Art & Design and FACT Centre, Liverpool
30 March—1 April 2006
£65—Early Booking (before 17/03/06)
£100—Last Minute Booking (after 17/03/06)
£50—Concessions (proof of status required).

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